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Organ Festival in Kangasala April 21st to 24th 2022

Due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to postpone the event. The new time of the event is April 21-24 2022.

“Planning for the Organ Festival in Kangasala began in early spring 2020. The idea originated from a concert held in 1988, which was broadcast live not only to Finland but also to the then called GDR, German Democratic Republic. I had the pleasure of playing that concert on the newly completed organ of Kangasala Church. Since then, I have not given a concert in Kangasala, and when I was asked if I would be willing to hold a concert there, I had little hesitation. The idea of a single concert expanded with the master class into a multi-day event.
Kangasala is a natural place to organize a classical music event also because of its unique history, magnificent church, and excellent organ.”

Olli Porthan
Art director