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Organ Festival in Kangasala April 22nd to 25th

Organized for the first time in the spring of 2021, the Organ Festival in Kangasala brings together artists and audiences to enjoy good music and get excited about the great form of art. We aim to lower the threshold for people coming to listen to organ music and at the same time realize that it is not that difficult; there is no misinterpretation. We also want to tell our audience what the music being played has meant to the artist. How he has approached it and whether there are any details in the music, for example, that might be worth listening to. This is why our concerts are hosted.

“Planning for the Organ Festival in Kangasala began in early spring 2020. The idea originated from a concert held in 1988, which was broadcast live not only to Finland but also to the then called GDR, German Democratic Republic. I had the pleasure of playing that concert on the newly completed organ of Kangasala Church. Since then, I have not given a concert in Kangasala, and when I was asked if I would be willing to hold a concert there in the spring of 2021, I had little hesitation. The idea of a single concert expanded with the master class into a multi-day event.
Kangasala is a natural place to organize a classical music event also because of its unique history, magnificent church, and excellent organ.”

Olli Porthan
Art director


22.-24.4. Master class – Kangasala Church
22.4. 17:00 Artist of Organ Festival in Kangasala library
24.4. 13:00 Master class students’ Organ concert – Kangasala Church
24.4. 16:00 Organ concert – Kangasala Church
25.4. 16:00 Organ concert of the Organ Festival art director Olli Porthan – Kangasala Church